Anime Spot the Difference


Spot the difference, featuring Dragon Ball and other anime


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Anime Spot the Difference is a game that requires you to use your observational skills to search for the differences between tons of different illustrations from Japanese animated series, including Dragon Ball, Elfen Lied, Dragon Ball Z, and YuYu Hakuso.

The game includes various playing modes: normal, where you just spot the differences at your leisure, and timed, where you need to step up your game and search quickly.

Playing the game is simple: find any differences between two apparently identical images, and click them with your mouse. But don't go clicking willy-nilly all over the image - if you click somewhere that doesn't have a difference, you'll lose points.

Once you've found all the differences, you can move to a new set of images. So the more you complete, the more illustrations you'll be able to unlock.

Anime Spot the Difference is an entertaining game with a large amount of high-quality images to enjoy. Almost all of the images are in high-def, so it's a good way to pass the time with your favorite anime.
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